How to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome

The spotlight is flashing in your eye, expectations are high, and you have this constant voice in your head, telling you that you aren’t good enough. Sound familiar?

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Many people experience the impostor syndrome, if not all people at one point in their life. This is a debilitating mindset that causes you to falsely believe that the position or place you are in now is one that you do not belong in. It’s a toxic cycle that causes you to continually overthink and question your abilities, despite an ample amount of proof that you do belong.

The best way to overcome this is to reposition your center for affirmation internally. Coaching your mindset and having a strong self-identity is vital. You may not always get the praise you desire from external factors. Having an internal locus of control trains your mind to believe that “yes, I can do this, because I know I am capable” despite what’s going on in your external environment. This teaches self-perseverance, which is essential in times of failure, as failure is inevitable. It takes time to become a master at something. Instead of knocking yourself down, ask yourself what did I learn from this and what can I do to ensure I do better next time.

Having a fixed mindset leaves the door wide open for the Impostor Syndrome to consume you. A fixed mindset is an idea that one’s qualities and attributes are fixed and unchanged. With a fixed mindset, you either overcome adversity, or you don’t. You either ace that test or you fail it. You don’t consider feedback as useful because, in your eyes, improving skills that are static is impracticable. 

Therefore, overcoming the Impostor Syndrome requires reshaping your mind. Yes, this is easier said than done.

Here are some tips to remember each day:

Be open to feedback

Set realistic goals and monitor your performance

Remember that fear is not the enemy

During times of failure ask yourself, “how can I improve?” and “what can I learn from my mistakes?”

Embrace new challenges

Understand that growth is unattainable in your comfort zone

Start reshaping your mind now!

Comment below and share how you plan to overcome the Impostor Syndrome

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