How to Get Your Desk Organized for Success

As many of you are transitioning to working from home, it’s crucial to establish a positive and productive environment. Organizing your office doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Properly setting up your office can improve your motivation to work efficiently and effectively.

First things first, identify what your style is. What is aesthetically pleasing for you may look different from what appeals to someone else. For me, I prefer simplistic decor. I also enjoy being surrounded by plants and sunlight. For these reasons, I have my desk area near several windows. When I am working, I tend to jot down notes frequently. So, above my desk, I have a large whiteboard and numerous colors of Expo markers nearby.

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

Next, be sure to keep your area free of clutter. Create a system to assort your paperwork. An example may look like a color-coded filing drawer or scanning all your paper into organized files on your computer. Eliminating distractions brings clarity to your workspace that in turn will improve your productivity.

Lastly, keep motivating affirmations insight. These reminders help lighten the impact of a bad day. Incorporate gratitude into your workspace. Sometimes it’s challenging to add positive in your life and get self-motivated. You have these handy to supply to yourself or a friend who may need them.

For more tips on how to get motivated when you lack drive, check out my post here.

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