A career in medicine has always been a dream of mine since I was a child. Going into college, I knew I was working towards becoming a doctor. My undergraduate experience opened my eyes to the vast underrepresentation of minorities within both the education system and the medical field. My plan has now shifted to learn the dynamics of business. I no longer want to be a physician that only practices clinical medicine. I want to be a physician capable of creating a system for young women that supports their journey towards careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). I want to become a physician that is capable of constructing and leading non-profits worldwide to eliminate health disparities in under-severed communities. I will be a physician, a businesswoman, and an advocate for women of color.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Community Health Science from the University of Nevada, Reno. During my time in college, I obtained honors and Dean’s List recognition. My extracurriculars briefly included community service, tutoring, and involvement in A.B.L.E. Women of the University of Nevada, Reno. As a member of A.B.L.E., I empowered women from diverse backgrounds by educating, volunteering, and collaborating with other clubs and organizations on campus and within the community. 

Through my involvement as an undergraduate student, I developed a strong desire to help others, especially underrepresented students at the university. A large portion of my success as an undergraduate student is a result of crossing paths with some influential mentors. One of the first opportunities I had acting as a mentor myself was my role as a teaching assistant for the university’s anatomy labs. During this time, I had one-on-one experience monitoring students’ academic progress and implemented new ways to encourage student success in a rigorous science course. 

Over the past year, I worked in the Division of Student Services at the University of Nevada, Reno. While working here, I further realized how important it is to provide students a place to acquire support and resources during times of crisis. Many resources that I now find myself informing students about are resources I needed myself when I was an undergraduate student. Being able to resonate with some of these student’s stories and guide them through their educational journey is something I have become incredibly passionate about pursuing further in my career. This experience made me understand how powerful encouraging support is for students. I enjoy being that person people feel comfortable coming to for guidance; whether that be through connecting them to resources and or just being a person they can come and talk to. 

These lessons reached all aspects of my life. The same support I found myself giving to students was the same support I regularly give to patients when they are concerned about their state of health. The act of affirmation is often all people need to continue pushing forward; this concept has gotten me through many of my own battles. Because of this, I want to build a space to empower and encourage others. Show them how to construct and develop their own business and give specialized support to women interested in going into S.T.E.M. careers. 

Reflecting back on my experiences and sharing my story with others I started to realize that many women, especially women of color, endure many of the same battles I have. Due to a lack of representation, many women also have a hard time finding a mentor to look up to and guide them through some of these tough times.

The goal of my blog is to become a virtual mentor for women and help them develop some skills crucial for success. I believe we rise by lifting others. So while my journey is far from over, I felt it important to create a space to empower and encourage women. & Help them discover their purpose and manifest their dreams.

I believe professional development can not occur without personal development and self-growth. Some of my posts thus far have covered how to overcome the imposter syndrome, time management skills, how to network, diving deep into your self-understanding through mindfulness and meditation practices, and some tips on healthy eating.